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Safco Alpha Better 24 X 36 Student Desk In Gray With Book Box

Alpha Better 24 X 36 Student Desk


Model: 1209GR
UPS: 073555120936
Color: Gray
Package Quantity: 1

A high quality spot to place your system is crucial, thus you may want to chose the Alpha Better 24 X from Safco. The barcode (Universal Product Code) for this product is 073555120936. The child's desk comes in gray. A listing of feature characteristics are style contemporary, material steel and adjust from 26" to 42". The child's desk is 42" Height x 24" Length x 36" Width and weighs somewhere around 66 lbs. I would like you to get the best price when pruchasing a desk. Please, click on our partners via the add to cart button on this page.

The Safco Alpha Better Student 24"x 36"Desk is developed for college students between grades 3 and 12 to aid your student's comfort and focus at home or inside the classroom. Large operate surface is perfect for individual or group execute Pencil groove on 3 sides Steel frame construction for long lasting durability and stability Provides stress relief for the lower back Improves posture Steel Book Box provides extra storage out of sight SPECIFICATIONS: Work Surface: 24"x 36"- 3/8"thick phenolic material Base: 22"D x 34"W footprint with Welded 1"square powder coated 16 gauge steel construction and Nylon leveller feet Height Adjustment: 26"to 42"- Above industry standard Lower Shelf: 34"W x 8"D - Additional storage shelf Pendulum TM Footrest Bar: 5/8"diameter tube, 32"total width 22"W footrest location Book Box: 22"W x 4. 75"H x 15"D - Extra deep, steel storage box FEATURES: The Pendulum TM Footrest Bar: The swinging motion helps burn excess energy and calories Top completed in gray Phenolic, a damage resistant polymer plastic. With the Alpha Better TM Desk college students are able to stand up during the school day and move around without having being a distraction to their classmates or teachers, all while improving their concentration. For many students everyday classroom life involves trying to sit still, taking concentrate away from learning. Research has shown standing alone can burn extra calories, and employing the ability to move around college students burn more excess energy and improves focus. Adjustable height for grades 3-12. This fully new way of learning is making a much more productive understanding environment.


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