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Kid Kraft Avalon Chair - White

Kid Kraft Avalon Chair
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Model: 16601
UPS: 706943166017
Color: White
Package Quantity: 1

Your child will love Kid Kraft Avalon Chair - White brought to you by Kidkraft. 0706943166017 is the bar code for this item. The color of these children's desks is white. It's 27″H x 14″L x 13″W. The warranty information from the manufacturer is, one hundred and twenty days replacement parts. Look into all the possible choices that you have got available for choosing a child's desk. There's a lot of sources for you to buy a desk, with comparisons you will get the best items as well as the right prices. New Kid Kraft Avalon Chair.

Used alone inside the living room, or as a set at a table, this Avalon chair brings cheer towards the room. Quality constructed from hardwood. A scaled-down version of a classic spindle-back chair, this pint-size chair has just as significantly style. Wipes clean with a damp cloth. 27Hx13Wx14D ". Imported.


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